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We use only 10% of our brain

Ask better questions about your investments

THE ALL is mind; the universe is MENTAL.
Move on Roatan now!

Ask Better Questions

Your brain is always working to find an answer, a solution to the questions you pose.
This happens at the subconscious level. You ask a question of yourself and your brain starts plugging away automatically.

The key here is that your brain goes to work on any question you ask it.
Good, bad, or indifferent... your brain keeps plugging away.

What questions do you ask yourself?
Do you ask questions that focus on...
what you want?
or what you don't want?

Most people continually ask themselves questions like...

why do I always struggle?
what's wrong with my real estate investments?
why can't I do this?
why does [insert bad thing] always
happen to me?

Then, your brain says...

it's because you were born on the wrong side of the tracks
it's because you don't have enough money or experience
it's because of [insert lame excuse that countless others have overcome]

The Shift

Successful people ask themselves questions like...

how can I achieve success?
what can I do today to move closer to my real estate goals?
what will I have to learn and do to overcome [insert obstacle]?

And you know what happens?

Your brain goes to work to find an

It comes back and says "Try this, do that..." and provides potential solutions towards progress.

The Lesson

Your brain goes to work on whatever
questions you ask yourself.

When you ask questions that focus on what you don't want, you end up getting more of just that...

what you don't want.

However, make a simple mindset shift and ask for bigger and better questions...

you'll get bigger and better results.
Happy Investing!
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