Living A Dream Beach Life Thanks To Roatan Investor

I sunk my toes deeper into the warm, white sand and let the sound of lapping waves hypnotize me for a lazy moment. Not a cloud was to be seen; the only thing that separated sky and sea was a subtle difference of blue hues. I took a sip from my coconut and pulled out my notebook… OK, back to work. I had a class in the afternoon and had come to the beach—exactly seven minutes away by foot from my house—to do up a lesson plan. Not a bad place for an office that only this new Roatan Investor System allow me.

The class, which would take place in a nearby chocolate café, was with some artisan friends who needed to improve their English skills in order to communicate better with their customers. I would order the spicy Maya chocolate ice cream, which was to die for, and Manuel and Maria would take turns practicing their spelling skills in English. I taught them how to ask and answer common questions that they might come across, and in turn, they taught me all about semi-precious stones and Maya culture.

Apart from those private classes in the café, I also did some online English teaching if I needed to pay my wages, and new private students were often sent to me by current ones. Some were short-term classes for people who wanted to brush up their English skills right before an important job interview. Others were longer-term students who were learning from scratch or preparing for a stint abroad.

Most gigs, some not even involving teaching, came to me by word of mouth: menu translations, brochure proofreading, and even pronunciation coaching for a lounge singer. As a person who likes variety, this has always been a perk for me as an English teacher—you never really know when interesting opportunities will arise.

My time off here in Roatan was usually whenever I wanted it and easily arranged with my students. I had a plethora of places to explore: cenotes (natural sunken swim holes); Maya ruins; and nearby towns like West Bay Beach. And because I was a teacher, I had my own private tourism information centers—my students! Before any excursion, I peppered my conversations with pupils with questions. It was my job to get them communicating, and what better way than to incorporate real-life situations into my lesson plans! They loved giving me tips and suggestions, and my experiences were enriched thanks to the great local advice I received.

This exchange of ideas and suggestions also helped me to save money and make my teaching income stretch further. In a short time, I knew the best places to shop, where to catch local transport, and where to really stretch my money. Although Roatan Island is a tourist destination, local property bargains can still be found.

I contacted these guys for Roatan for lots to building in a jungle garden just minutes from Camp Bay Beach for under $50,000. Instead of looking for tons of listings, they provide me what I need.

What I made teaching not only paid my living expenses but left enough to travel around with. I was even able to make it to nearby the Caye Cochinos.

The great flexibility to travel around, the regular income, and new friendships are just some of what makes teaching English overseas such a great option for native English speakers. And, there aren't many jobs that allow you a white-sand beach as an office and let you conduct business over chocolate ice cream!

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