Living a Dream Beach Life on Roatan, Caribbean Sea

Updated on January 30, 2019
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Jane is a real estate writer specialist in Roatán, Bay Island from the Caribbean Sea area helping investors get deals they've dreamed about through her articles.

West Bay Beach, Roatan
West Bay Beach, Roatan | Source

How to live and retire on Roatan

I sunk my legs deeper into the warm water, and let the sound of lapping waves hypnotize me for a lazy moment on the beach. Not a cloud was to be seen; the only thing that separated sky and sea was a subtle difference of blue hues. I took a sip from my coconut and pulled out my laptop to work.
Suddenly, an early alarm call kills my sweetest dream life. Yes, it was a very good dream. But what do I mean by dream beach life?


Every dream you had as a child came true... traveling around the world, driving a new car, buy a new house... and of course, your dream to live and retire on to a tropical paradise.
You have enough money to live anywhere tropical paradise you wanted (I hope you choose Roatan Real Estate Island) and work as much as you wanted... maybe teaching English classes to local people. No matter how much money you'd like to make to enjoy your new adventure overseas...whether you want a small, very part-time income...or your dream of owning your own business abroad, like a hotel or beach bar, one very special event has you covered.
Called the Living a Dream Beach Life, right here. it will introduce you to know all about this Paradise to live, retire, investment or earn-from-anywhere business you like and with the help of the Top Realtors of the islands can help you find your ideal revenue stream quickly, easily, and enjoyably while you living here!
You were living on this beautiful beach while you earn money. it's possible... But only if you know how to find the best place to invest in Roatan Real Estate...

West Bay Beach, Roatan Bay Islands
West Bay Beach, Roatan Bay Islands

Treasure of the Caribbean

Roatan is located between the islands of Utila y Guanaja. Is the largest of Honduras Bay Islands, the Caribbean Sea in Central America.
One of the most magnificent island in the world, pristine white sand beaches, overlooking crystal clear waters, privacy, security and style, spectacular views.
#1 Island in the world for early retirement —Islands Magazine
One of the best trips of the summer —Natgeo
One of the world's best islands —Travel and Leisure Magazine
Great place to retire abroad —Kiplinger Magazine
Living a beach life in roatan
Life overseas could be just right for you

Living a Dream Beach Life

A delicious cup of coffee reminds me that every dream has to follow these steps:
  • Keep your dream alive
  • Ask better questions (How can I achieve more success?)
  • Go for it!
You must be tempted do it all now - and you are going crazy applying all these steps you can think of, you just want to tick them off the list. You rush through a life-dream in a couple of days. What's the point of view here?
You must apply these steps mindfully. Imagine you're a director film. In order to film the movie, your regular approach will be: "lights, camera, action"!
Don't forget to aim altogether these steps, if you slip out one of them you won't be able to have success. Remember: "lights, camera, action"!

Beach life in Roatan Beach

Keep your dream alive

"Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe".
Gail Devers

The exotic Caribbean you've been missing!
The exotic Caribbean you've been missing!

Ask better questions

What questions do you ask yourself?
Do you ask questions that focus on what you want? or what you don't want?

Most people continually ask themselves questions like...

why do I always struggle?
what's wrong with me?
why can't I do this?
why does [insert bad thing you want] always
happen to me?

Then, your brain says...

it's because you were born on the wrong side of the tracks
it's because you don't have enough money or experience
it's because of [insert lame excuse that countless others have overcome]

Ask better questions

Successful people ask themselves questions like...

how can I achieve success?
what can I do today to move closer to my goals/objectives?
what will I have to learn and do to overcome [insert obstacle]?

And you know what happens?

Your brain goes to work to find an

It comes back to you a subconscious level and says "Try this, do that..." and provides potential solutions towards progress. Your brain goes to work on whatever questions you ask yourself.

When you ask questions that focus on what you don't want, you end up getting more of just that... what you don't want. However, make a simple mindset shift and ask for bigger and better questions...

you'll get bigger and better results.
Happy Dream Beach Life!

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