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Dear Friend: Please accept this as a personal invitation, to come visit me and my friends on beautiful Roatan Island. As Governor of the island, I can assure you that once you walk out soft and sandy beaches, feeling the warm waves of the Caribbean cascading over you, basking in the tropical sun beneath the waving palm, you will know why we say "It's always another day in paradise" The diving on Roatan's barrier reef is renowed the world over, as is the deep-sea fishing. Our island's restaurants offer the Caribbean's finest cuisine. And for Roatan's nighlife—well, let's just say the party never ends. So, please join us. We'll roll down the white-sand carpet, and guarantee you the island time of your life. —Governor of Roatan, a few years ago...
The "verdant, jungle-covered hills of Roatan," in an azure sea, the heaven of scuba divers. Nestled in the turquoise waters of the white-capped Caribbean, just a couple of hours out from the U.S. mainland and some 30 miles off La Ceiba the coast of Honduras, Roatan Island has become preferred of the Caribbean Sea for those seeking relaxation and health—enjoy a slow-paced lifestyle—of an island gem... with great reason.
Diving in Roatan

The tropical landscape, beautiful sun most of the time, the rolling sea, and the infinite view of white sand beaches simply describe this paradise called the Island of Roatan. From its turquoise waters to its coral reef, from its rolling hills to its sea views; from its beaches to its pristine rainforest, the Island of Roatan embodies the very essence of slow-paced island life. It is the infinite summer, the timeless living island lifestyle, the idyll and the odyssey under the brightness dome, on the white sand and in the deep blue sea. 

Whatever else you want to add to the mix-from world-class diving to deep-sea fishing, from a championship golf course, to canopy rides and paragliding... It's all there, in abundance. Cruise, snooze, swim, work out, wine, dine, or bask on the beach until your Roatan is picture-perfect. The island entices ... with the sun, the sand, the sea and more.


Throughout the day, the beach beckons. Sandcastles rise and fall with the ebb and flow of the rolling waves. Families picnic, tens frolic, lovers stroll hand in up the shore... and back again. Memories and photographs that will always have Roatan.

Roatan Island Map
Roatan Island
Out at sea, charter boats probe the depths for trophy fish. On the flats, anglers reel in their limit of permit, bonefish, jacks, and tarpon. The barrier reef yields its covey of snappers, yellowtail, and record grouper. And out where the waters reach stunning depths—though still only minutes from share—the heartiest of sportsmen wrestle the wahoo, tuna, and massive marlin.

All the while, far beneath the surface, divers explore the infinite walls, crevices, caverns, and tunnels of Roatan's famed barrier reef, the second largest reef in the world. Here, shoals of silversides fill the sea in such abundance that the translucent waters become almost impenetrable. Moral eels and sea turtles ease by only inches away. Green vase, rope, and elephant ear sponges fill the sea bed with a symphony of colors.

Of course, even the most ebullient of water enthusiasts occasionally needs to dry off. And when it's time to come ashore, there's plenty more to do. Out in the sun, or under the stars, Roatan offers a plethora of activities guaranteed to tackle your fancy, test your mettle, and tantalize your taste buds.

Black Pearl Golf Course Roatan
The island's new Black Pearl Golf Course is quickly earning a worldwide reputation for its championship-caliber design and breathtaking venue. Created by the award-winning architect Pete Dye, the par-72, 7,200-yard course features one of his signature island greens, with 14 holes offering stunning views of the ocean and Roatan's barrier reef. Far those into more daring escapades, Roatan offers not one, but several zipline canopy tours with swing bridges, climbing walks, and the ride of your life over the treetops of the lush jungle forests. Or, if you're more into descending the depths than ascending the heights, Roatan—and only Roatan—offers you an exclusive in your own, private yellow submarine to depths of up to 2,000 feet. 

As the sun sets in the sea, the lights along the shoreline begin to sparkle. And it's time for you to sample the island's nightlife. Walk the streets of West End, West Bay, or Sandy Bay, and the ocean breezes are awash with the rich aromas of fine seafood and Caribbean cuisine.

West End Beach Roatan

West Bay Beach

Sandy Bay Beach

As the evening ends, you'll round out your revelries with the most exotic of beachfront implements... eagerly planning yet another day of living the Roatan life to its fullest. Under the sun. On the sand. And in the deep blue sea.

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