Friday, March 6, 2015

Roatan Real Estate Cheap Condos Availables starting at US$150,000

Pass world's second largest coral reef and don't look back. There's a lot more to Roatan than Coral Reef and white sand beaches. 

With a tropical climate, cheap condos hotel and a strong local and friendly culture, Roatan is a beach destination that rivals the likes of Miami, Cuba and Grand Cayman Islands.
Did you know Roatan Island has the world's second largest Coral Reef [after Australia The Great Barrier]
roatan real estate cheap condo for sale

The major hotel chains are only a step removed from West Bay Beach home of the Coral Reef for which Roatan Island has become famous. 

Cut to the other extreme and stay at Parrot Tree Plantation. 

There are only 67 rooms in this high-end, luxurious getaway in a natural paradise, 24/7 reception service, cheap beach front condos and marina villas, business center, bar, outdoor pool, doctor on call, laundry right on the room... 

It does sound like much?

Wait until you enter a hallway. The Parrot Tree Plantation's commitment to the aesthetic is thorough, with unique pieces by local and talented artists scattered across the hotel. 

The space is not what you'd expect to find in Roatan Island, making it inherently interesting.

The beach resort, with Villas and cheap condos for sale and vacation rentals is at the bottom of a steep hill off the highway. 

Here you will find some of the Villas-Hotel with private patios encircling beautiful white-sand beaches and turquoise clear water that overlook a secluded sand bar all for your relaxation time.

This, frankly; is the other Roatán: art, culture, natural beaches, pacefull thrills... 

Last year by this month, more than 60 guests arrived at The Parrot Tree Plantation Resort in Roatán by private jet. 

The destination is acustomed to this sort of crowd. Situated on 45 square miles of remote wilderness, privacy is as important as luxury, and those who come to play can do so without envious onlookers.

The Parrot Tree Plantation started life a functioning beach hotel, but 14 years ago theirs investors saw a gap in the luxury market that begged to be filled. 

Nobody seemed to have large condos units nestled in the rugged terrain of island west for sale and vacation rentals. 

Ten of them offer more than 2,000 square feet of space, with others [the cheapest] delivering between 800 and 1,200 square feet.

The villas and tents aren't crowded onto a small patch of The Parrot Tree Resorts expanse. 

In fact, some are located outside walking distance from the restaurants and main building. 

Fortunately, you aren't dropped in the middle of nowhere and forgotten. 

There's always a concierge on duty 24/7 at your service. Regardless of where you stay on the resort, you'll find plenty of room to move around, and the staffs (even a doctor) is on call to help you.

If you're looking to disappear and unwind, The Parrot Tree Resort is happy to leave you alone. 

On the other hand, guests looking for action won't be disappointed. Swim, dance, run, walk across the beach or shoot through some whitewater to find whatever excitement you crave. 

When you're finished, retreat to the spa, where individual and couples treatments are available, with the unbeatable view of the beach.

Thrill or chill—The Parrot Tree can take care of you either way.

This paradise is perfect to get a break from the town scene, not designed but arising on its own. 

If you only been to the Coral Reef, make your next trip to the real Roatan and buy a cheap luxury condo in The Parrot Tree Plantation. Trust me, you've never been there.

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